TECHNE 5 (2013): Environment emergency

Table of Contents

Roberto Palumbo 6-13


Ideas for a reflection on the environmental question PDF
Ferdinando Terranova 14-23
Michele Munafò, Interview by Alfredo Di Zenzo PDF
Alfredo Di Zenzo 24-28
Alessandro Carfi, Editorial interview PDF
Alfredo Simonetti, Interview by Francesca Giofré PDF
Francesca Giofré 33-34

Essays and Viewpoint

Forty years of environmentally conscious building technology design PDF
Lorenzo Matteoli, Gabriella Peretti 35-43
Environmental Design with Regard to Emergency and Scarce Resources: a few Method Reflections PDF
Fabrizio Tucci 44-52
Responsiveness, adaptability, transformability: the new quality requirements of the built environment PDF
Filippo Angelucci, Michele Di Sivo, Daniela Ladiana 53-59
Sustainability, culture and urban regeneration: New Dimensions for the Technological Project PDF
Daniele Fanzini, Isabella Bergamini, Irina Rotaru 60-65
Environmental innovations in the construction sector and life cycle approach PDF
Andrea Campioli, Monica Lavagna 66-73
Environment and development in Reconstruction Plans in L'Aquila territory PDF
M. Cristina Forlani 74-80
The Environmental Impact Assessment: a new tool for a new quality in ecological compliance PDF
Maria Theresa Lucarelli 81-85
The organizational model of the APEA for eco-friendly and competitive territorial governance PDF
Paola Gallo 86-94
Land and built environment resilience. Strategies and operational tools for prevention, mitigation and adaptation of fragile and sensitive contexts PDF
Serena Baiani, Antonella Valitutti 95-100
The Building sector commitment to promote the sustainability of construction products: a common European approach for the Environmental Product Performances PDF
Caterina Gargari, Chris Hamans, M. Chiara Torricelli 101-109
European and Italian experience of Smart Cities: A model for the smart planning of city built PDF
Starlight Vattano 110-116
The triumph of the smart city PDF
Ilaria Oberti, Angela Silvia Pavesi 117-122

Research & Experimentation

The quarries’ landscape: environmental and productional valorization, between extraction and building PDF
Vincenzo Paolo Bagnato, Spartaco Paris 123-128
Innovation and sustainability in a cultural landscape PDF
Giovanna Franco 129-134
Green technologies for the environmental upgrading of infrastructures PDF
Alessandra Battisti 135-140
The construction of urban qualities. The case study of the centrality of Torre Spaccata in Rome PDF
Eliana Cangelli, Maurizio Sibilla 141-146
Grey To Green: ‘ecotechgreen’ an environmental response for urban infrastructures PDF
Oscar Eugenio Bellini 147-153
Integrated quality: a target for sustainable schools PDF
Ernesto Antonini, Andrea Boeri, Jacopo Gaspari, Danila Longo 154-161
From design to management: a benchmarking process for the energy efficiency of buildings PDF
Judit Kimpian, Paola Marrone, Lucia Martincigh, Dejan Mumovic 162-169
Procedural meta-models for architectural design praxis PDF
Gian Luca Brunetti 170-176
Life-cycle design for sustainable architecture PDF
Francesca Thiébat 177-183
Life Cycle Approach to designing, manufacturing and assessing a Living Wall System PDF
Roberto Giordano, Elena Montacchini, Silvia Tedesco 184-190

Network SITdA

Contributions from the Universities PDF


Italian summary PDF
English summary PDF
TECHNE 5 (2013): Environment emergency PDF
Cover PDF

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