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will college degree get you somewhere?

da Akemi Tatsakura (2018-01-30)

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When the availability of jobs requiring degrees outstripped number of graduates, low achievers were guaranteed jobs. We started telling kids that a college degree was a free ride to the upper classes.  
As they started believing this and getting degrees, supply outstripped demand. College degrees are no longer a free ticket to employment security.  
Yes, there are still jobs for the higher achievers. But that isn't the point of universally available higher education, is it?  
As the essay writers who write my paper for me state if the degree doesn't have economic value, we need to tell kids that before they go into debt to get it. Most people would not choose to spend 4 years and tens of thousands of dollars just to learn things that will not improve their economic prosperity.  
The only reason some of these kids are in college is that someone told them it was a long term economic investment. Learning for the sake of learning is a privilege of the leisure classes.

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