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The Acupuncture Diaries The main benefit of acupuncture and herbs is they treat the origin of the issue, as opposed to merely addressing the patients symptoms, which is frequently true for traditional western medication. Bear in mind that herbs are just another sort of medication. Home remedies may also be utilised in treatment for acne scar. Alternative medicine is extremely helpful in case of chronic ailments and is frequently wise to be utilized along with conventional medical therapy. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine can be quite effective at treating skin conditions. They have found that it is as good as strong pain killers like hydrocortisone. It may get serious enough that cancer treatment needs to be reduced or stopped. To reduce the pain, pain killers and other drugs might also be prescribed. Keep yourself busy and don't rely on medications alone. It's been recommended that needles ought to be labeled and sealed properly as a way to protect against tampering, contamination,

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