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Have you ever had a job Besides being a Professional skateboarder and business owner?

The only other job I ever had was a newspaper route. I turned pro when I was 14. Sir, You Have to secure your seatbelt The plane can take off," David Loy was told from the flight attendant. "David, is this your first time in an airplane?" Tony asked. "No, I have been around lots of Planes," David responded. "Oh, I figured you'd know that you need To wear a seatbelt if you have ever flown before," Tony explained.

"Whatever, old man. Do not break your hip On the way off." "Can you hear the way that little kid was Speaking to this adult?" Quipped the lady to her husband in front of me. "I think that is Tony Hawk, the skateboarder." Her husband responded. The priest was notified, after David fastened his seatbeltand we were on our way to Milwaukee, WI, the first stop of a tour with Birdhouse.

Word must have spread throughout the plane Because once we departed a dozen individuals approached Tony with him on the walkbetween the gate and baggage claim in search of a photograph or autographs. He cried each and every one of them. It is all part ofthe job. THE STANDARD HOTEL for a company Tour is along the lines of a 8. On this excursion we had been in four- to five-staraccommodations every night. It is one of those perks of traveling using a star. While Staab, Tony, and Willy ate breakfast, therest of the men were stretched out on the floor of the hotel lobby, setting up boards, cutting traction, pounding out mountinghardware, and wrestling each other while the normal five-star guests in suits walked across them.

Such behaviour might fly in theparking lot of a Motel 6, but the front desk attendants at these hotels were unimpressed with the spectacle. It was quite funny,but the guests appeared to be more understanding of our crew after of that we were traveling with word obtained around. What size board do you ride?I have been riding the shape. I Don't recall the dimensions. Can you grip your own?I really do, roughly half the time.We are spotted by WE HIT WHATEVER Milwaukee streets Could on a weekday.

Later that evening was a demonstration at the Four Seasonsplayground, where the first-ever 540 was pulled by Tony . At least according to the announcer it was the first. Is there anytime that a 540 can't spin on A demo ramp? A recent demo was in France in which the Ramp was fairly small and I had to ancient grab, and that is not the best. But if I canget an atmosphere, then I could do a 540. It is my ace in the hole. We stayed in the Dana Hotel and Spa in Chicago. The club upstairs had a strict dress code, and the doorman started hassling Staababout his purple skate sneakers. Kevin's answer? "My shoes match my own hair," and then he walked right on in. Tony told thedoorman that we were all with him and laughed. Soon thereafter the guys on the group left to go back into Riley's hotel room.Turns out a group of teenage girls wanted to meet up and had figured out where we stayed. Twenty-five decades ago, this mightnever happen to skateboarders.

None of it could have occurred: no bypassing a club doorman, No hotel, and especially, no set ofgirls. One woman would have shown up, but maybe not more women than guys. Are you jealous that skateboarding is your trendy Thing to do in high school now, as opposed to if you're a teenager? I am a little envious, but it would not alter For the entire world. I loved the notion that, as skaters, we were outcast anddifferent.

I liked that the football team chastised us. It set us apart. I could have used a bit more attention from women backthen, although I was not seeking to fit in always. Now, however, children in school, the girls are checking them out. We had tohide our planks out of women. NEXT STOP: good, Green Castle, IN Town America. The park was full but skateboarders. There were kids on foot, mountain bicycles,scooters, kids on butts, kids on knees, along with a group of what could be the remaining rollerbladers from the USA. What if Riley had picked rollerblades up?Rollerblades were picked up by Riley. He had been very Youthful, for example three. 1 would encourage my kids with anything theydo.

I didn't ridicule him. He was only doing exactly what the kids were doing. He figured out that he could ride a skateboard farbetter than the kids who were older. It's so amazing I can talk about that with him. He can speak to me about a trick that iscomplicated and I know what he is saying, the principles. I feel I have altered roles. It was that I had been his supervisor,although he's always come on the excursionshe's more like one of those men I know on the tour. I trust his level ofresponsibility. He's not causing difficulty, and in that respect I do not have to track him. After the demonstration in Green Castle, some faculty Students provided to take us to a rope swing in the local pond. So wefollowed three cases of four pickup trucks, a few homemade Moonshine, and Natty Light . I'm pretty sure this is the Clint felt inthe home.

 Everybody took turns leaping off the roof of the trucks of a few in hand with rope, doing their best efforts at Olympicdiving. Jaws took the gold with a gainer release at the peak of his swing, but the real excitement came after two women decided toproceed at once but both were too fearful to go ahead. After a few swings back and forth they squealed and fell the rope, narrowlymissing off the coastline. SEVERAL DAYS in Cincinnati, OH with one demonstration Supposed we were back on the streets.

I made a call to my buddy GaryCollins--proprietor, operator, and CEO of Instrument skateboards--to show us. Cincinnati's a town, and our spot was in what seemedto be the toughest part. But the guys recognized the stains so no one appeared to think about the fact that we all might be heldat gunpoint at any moment. The abandoned apartment complex had plenty of spots spread throughout, and everyone found. Even Tonyfound himself "street styling" with all the remainder of the crew. Riley really stepped it up that afternoon and demonstrated thatdespite developing a skatepark in his backyard, the gritty streets of the 'Nati couldn't keep him down.

 Can Riley overcome on you in a game of SKATE? Most probably, yes. I have some '80s Moves to maintain my own. I conquer both David and Jaws and they weren't pleased about it. Can he stand a chance against you on transition? It depends on how large it is. If the transition Is less than eight-foot, it is all his. I got my vert tricks if it's above eight. Several hours and a few spots later we had been At Cadillac Ranch eating beans and pasta.

Downtown Cincinnati was pretty tender,and there were just a couple people in the restaurant. It was either David or even Clint who first paid $5.00 to ride themechanical bull. Jaws was up next, and from there everyone egged Tony on to have a turn. Tony cowboy'd upward, when started torecognize him and that is--and the photos, autographs, and handshakes started rolling.

It was also when the bull operator stoppedcharging. The perks! From there it was pretty much mayhem for us urban cowboys. Shortly three and two individuals were about thebull at once. "Give 'er all you have!" Whenever anyone would get on, we cried. Aside from the money, do the perks of becoming a Celebrity that is recognized outweigh the hassles? The perks? Absolutely! Who's kidding who? It is Crazy, what I get to do. What is the biggest perk you have worked out of your celebrity status? My daughter's second birthday. We had the Personalities and entire cast from Yo Gabba Gabba come along and do a show at our home.It is mainly because I know the man who started the series. In Gleaming the Cube, he was--he and I have been friends for quite awhile, but for sure I used my status that is recognizable to do that.

It was abused by me. Whenever you have a daughter, you willdo that. The demo in Cincinnati was actually River in Ollies, in Covington, KY, the stop on the tour using a vert ramp that is appropriate.This is where Staab and Hawk really came to life. But do not discount the remaining men--practically everyone cushioned and took afew runs. I have to say, with which Tony skates that the swing set that is perpendicular, it is pretty impressive to witness theamount of consistency. Virtually every move was first-try, also runs of a dozen or even more suggestions in a row werecommonplace. A 720 even spun. Staab was likewise in his prime, maintaining the session moving even though it was getting warminside the park and pushing airs well.

The kids were ripping, when the men were worn outside. Riley manned up with a nosepick onthe over-vert extension, which pretty much closed the session from. GETTING GNARLY ON A SKATEBOARD Typically results in "Get it or get broke off." Let us face it: You can not jump down heaps forlong without it taking a toll on the human body of stairs.

Therefore, if you don't receive the trick in under a few tries--or evenone attempt, especially if it's a gap or rail from the 20-stair array--you are probably not going to skate for a couple days (oreven weeks) later. Jaws is well-known for his fearless jump, and he got in the mode, if we came across an opportunity. Loy wasrolling up attempting to have the balls to leap on, when out of nowhere Jaws ollied it. He didn't even give a heads-up to any ofus. Turns out he had larger plans: he started trying to ollie in the ledge atop the stairs and stepped it up, After rolling out.That made it on a 26-stair fall. He was broke off pretty scraped up and very sore, but still grinning. I guess he is a glutton forpunishment. Do you have a combo on the ramp?I have strings of tips that I like the feel of. Backside 360 ollie into frontside Cab, that's a really sick one.

Two of the 360ollies that are toughest to perform. I try for that. What is the most gnarly, or scariest, thing you have Done on a skateboard? Trying the loop to the first time. I had no Idea how to approach it, what to think of it, or how to do it. My first time was ajoke. I just ventured to the wall. Then I gradually figured it out. Does this frighten you?It's always scary, 'cause that thing is a Deceiving beast. It is taken so many people out.

It has taken me out, it requiredSchaeffer out. People fly from it, flipping around, not knowing where they are likely to land. Is there a trick other than the loop which Still disturbs you? To street stuff is moving back for me personally mode. Since I don't have the confidence or abilities that are inherent to do thatstuff skating handrails. Pondering lipsliding a seven- to nine-stair rail. That disturbs me.

I'm not used to running out of thematerial, so if something goes wrong, it goes wrong for me. SOMEWHERE DURING THE TRIP the subject of Adventures came up. Skydiving, SCUBA diving, and bungee jumping were the main topics, andto Tony Clint said at the demo for us to jump out of a plane on our day off, it'd be cool. Tony was hyped about the idea, and evenoffered to pay. After we got back then demo into the vans, we had a text message from Steve Perelman, Tony assistant, inquiringwho had been in on the mission. Perelman could spend the rest of the day tracking down a skydiving operation while we were all outstreet skating. But it turned out to be a bummer: After all of this was lined up and ready to proceed, it rained.

And skydivingfrom the rain is earmarked for military operations. Athens was looking for a rain-out. Sure The weather which kept us out of skydiving was going to keep the demo there fromoccurring. The sprinkles began to collapse as we came, and within half an hour that the park was too wet to securely skate. Tonywas clearly upset. He would like to provide the fans and actually takes his position as a professional skateboarder badly. He wasactually hoping to make it happen -- hints that wouldn't involve sliding out in the segments of this park, and did his very bestto skate some thing. Inside minutes everything was coated in water.

 Clint chose to take advantage of it and began trying to olliethe pyramid to powerslide. He was rolling away but it appeared to satisfy the audience. At what point did you Understand That you needed To seek the services of a management team that is personal? What aspects of yourown life do they manage? When I realized I spent so much time on the Phone trying to find out my program and how to manage everything.

Someone was at doingthat better. It was sometime around '97 or '98 when X-Games was coming into play and people started to know my title. I got allthese random requests for interviews and all that. I'd only be talking about skating instead of skating if I did not have thesepeople doing business management and scheduling. That is exactly what I don't want to perform. This is the reason. I stop skatingis your day when I would be faking being a professional, the day, and I really don't wish to do that. What was your favorite year in skateboarding?It's so hard. '89 was pretty amazing. Skateboarding was becoming large, comparatively, for us. I was in an age where I thought Iwas invincible. Traveling the world, earning money, buying homes.

This was probably its pinnacle, skate companies were downsizingand road skating shot over and right before all of it took a recession, once the skateparks closed. '99 was likely the biggestyear of my hockey life. 1 stopped competing, I landed the 900, along with my video game was published. When I shifted my careerthat was--it was about competition. I was over it. I had done it. When I started to figure out ways to promote skating whilststill being able to skate myself it was. FROM THERE WE ALL of The vans, while Tony stood out signing boards, babies, and banner ads. Janky does the demonstration set-up must be for One to not skate? I don't think it's ever janky for me.

I have Skated the worst stuff. Here's the thing: If you are moving to a demo and the routesucks or the playground sucks (the Athens skatepark does not suck, it was only completely wet from rain), and there's a crowdthere who have expectations of you, climb up to it. You are a professional skateboarder. You're too cool for it and if you appearthere, what kind of message does that send to people? Are you really not going because you are too great for it to skate it? Thatis the moment of people's lives as a skater.

Are you really currently going to work at it, or cruise and think everything's goingto be roses? During one of these autograph frenzies when The crowd completely surrounded you, has anyone ever tried to hand you something? Like a prenuptual, a endorsement deal Agreement, or divorce documents? No! But one time, at a Lego event, I had been Signing lego boxes which came at me from all around. I signed this box and handed itback into where it came out, and Spencer begins yelling, "Dad! I really don't need you to register it. I just want you to hold itfor me!" What's your exit strategy at a or a demonstration Celebration? I Casper out. I leave.

I don't announce I am leaving. If you announce you're leaving, it's like, "No, just one more drink." Whenit's a demo and there's no escape path, Ibreak my board and'll do a disaster. People think it's an crash. Proudest moment?I proud to be a specialist Skateboarder at my age. And of the duties of making a and getting kids From riding a skateboard inprecisely the exact same 10, career. It is the balance. Still being known as a professional skateboarder, above all else. Peopleknow Me as all sorts of unique things. But first and foremost, I still walk the walk.

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