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Owner Larry Miller of Culver of Sit 'n Sleep City, CA, has chosen to start another mattress shop in the San Fernando Valley at Tarzana, CA, on July 4, 1997, to be followed with a grand opening on July 14, 1997.

The new shop will include 11,000 sq feet of showroom space and transport about 80 percent of this lineup now carried at the Culver City place. The majority of Sit 'n Sleep's sections, such as purchasing and customer support will stay located in the old shop.

Retailer Larry Miller is taking his message Selection and support to a- ger audience.


Miller's Sit 'n Sleep mattress specialization Superstore, founded over 30 decades back, has built a loyal following because of the Culver City, Cal., place. Now, however, said Miller, that the time is appropriate to start shop number two.


A Sit 'n Sleep place in Tarzana, Cal., From the San Fernando Valley, scheduled to get a "soft opening" over Independence Day weekend along with also a Grand Opening the week of July 14, will tap into a market that already understands Sit 'n Sleep and Miller, the organization's identifying spokesman, but may not drive into the Culver City place.


"L.A. is a massive location. However, with the Quantity of advertising we all do on television and radio -- we market 365 days per year that our advertisements are getting on the market," explained Miller, commenting about the rationale for including another site.


"People from the San Fernando region and Other places to the north can see or hear advertisements, but will search for a mattress in a shop nearer to them. When we understood the quantity of company that came from this region -- 15 percent -- we knew we had been leaving a good deal on the table"


When a is motivated by the Sit 'n Sleep message Significant number of customers to venture out of the way to store in the Culver City place, Miller thinks his firm has "enormous potential" when he attracts a shop closer to home.


The market in The nation in a downturn, has started to improve too, noted Miller. "Industry conditions have leveled out. We are not entirely from this recession, however, the subsequent three to five years will probably be useful. We wish to be in a position to make the most of the growth and advancement."


Together with the place, Miller anticipates Sit 'n Sleep for a "$15 million or more firm at the end of 1998."

Including a shop that is second after 30 Decades of Company isn't regarded as rapid growth, but based on Miller, the amount of shops shouldn't be the measure of success. "a number of our competitors consider in placing smaller shops nearer together, but our philosophy is to get big superstores with fantastic choice and fantastic support."


While customer service is a Vital part of Any merchant's company, Sit 'n Sleep is one of those retailers who go beyond the typical fast shipping and return policies. "Customer support is the center, the marrow of the small business. Without it there is not any good reason for us to be here or for any merchant to be about," Miller highlighted.

"We all our four hour delivery our Our satisfaction along with sleep trial guarantee. Nonetheless, it is not so much what you tell them it is exactly what you do."

then't fazes Miller Customer petition, noting that over once he's substituted a mattress for a client who did not purchase the mattress out of his shop initially. "Even when a client isn't ours, we'll address their futon mattress"


While this doctrine might add some prices to The business in the brief term, Miller believes in taking a look at the larger picture. He said, "My father was in the industry a very long time -- he is 82 and active in the corporation.

"He told me that there are just two ways to Conduct a small business. It is possible to just take the client's cash and you won't ever offer them twice. However, the very best means to do it would be to take care of consumers, and you're going to see them over and over.


"I'm completely committed to creating the Client happy," Miller reported, including, "If you will select the client's cash, you have a responsi- bility to look after those. If we can not take action, we will not take their cash."


Such as the Culver City location, that will Stay the business headquarters, the San Fernando Valley shop will take Sealy, Stearns & Foster, Serta, Simmons, Spring Air, Miralux from IBC, and Chatham & Wells, together with a choice of adjustable beds and metal beds.

The telemarketing section, purchasing, Fulfillment and customer support will continue to be dealt with from Sit 'n Sleep's central offices in the Culver City place.

With less showroom distance -- 11,000 as In comparison to Culver City's greater than 14,000 -- and about 80% of their original shop's roughly 160 bedding SKUs, the San Fernando shop offers one important advantage -- place.

"The new place is enormously superior. I Would state that the Culver City loca- tion is a C-location which is now a destination along with the new shop is a+ place," explained Miller.

The San Fernando Valley shop at 19119 Ventura Blvd. is one of the most heavily trafficked portions of the Los Angeles region, "contrasts between Ventura Boulevard and Ventura Freeway," Miller continued, noting there's "great visibility" to the showroom in the freeway.

To Make Sure That the prime place lives up to Miller's high expectations, '' Sit 'n Sleep is changing numerous top sales staff and direction to the new shop.

"We're bringing our best salespeople and Our finest supervisors to the new place to ensure that the culture is exactly the queen size futon mattress, the doctrine is identical, the customer support is exactly the very same," commented Miller.

"We're going about this harshly. It is a massive investment. This is very quickly going to be a multi million dollar shop."

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