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Note biografiche Like, "Hooooo," you can do that, "hooooo!" (audience laughter) Whatever works for you. Whatever works for you, okay? Which is kind of weird, 'cause when I was backstage with my friend, he was like "hoooo, hoooo!" And it's like, "Ladies and Gentlemen," (laughter) That is just the weirdest thing you'll see. It's so funny, you know? That's what he does. It works for him. It works for him. So that's quick fix number two. Quick fix number three: Most people, they have stage fright, usually because they're afraid that they're going to deliver a boring speech.

They're afraid that they're not going to do a good job. That usually is an indicator that you haven't practiced enough. If you actually have practiced, because, repeat after me: Confidence - [Audience] Confidence - [Dan] Comes from - [Audience] Comes from - [Dan] Competence. - [Audience] Competence. - [Dan] Competence. Confidence comes from competence. If you're good with what you do, if you have skills, you know what? You're not nervous, you just do your thing. If you haven't practiced, rehearsed your speech, and you just go up there and wing it, are you going to get nervous? Yeah. But if you practice it a dozen times, and I recommend record yourself on video. I know, it's very difficult to watch yourself on video.

How many of you find it difficult to watch yourself on video? Yeah, you're like, "Oh my God." "I can't believe that's what I look like." Or, "I can't believe that's what I sound like." But, it's the best critique you'll get. You watch yourself, just use your iPhone and do your thing in front of the mirror, just practicing, and you watch yourself. If you watch your own video, and it sounds boring, guess what, when you deliver your speech, you are... - [Dan And Audience] Boring! - [Dan] If you watch your video and you are, you look nervous, when you deliver your speech, you look nervous. So, you can fix that.

You want to get to a point where, when you watch your video, that, hmmmmm, that person's pretty good. That person - I love watching my own stuff. (laughter) To critique. I will watch it, and I will say, hmmm, why, I should change that gesture, that didn't work. That worked. Ask Jenny, Jenny? Do I always watch my own videos? Say yes, right? - [Jenny] Too much. - [Dan] Too much. (laughter) Sometimes, it's funny, she walks by my office, and I'm watching, and just having a good time and laughing. And she's like, "What the hell are you watching? Why are you laughing at your own video?" (laughter) And I said, "'Cause that junk is funny! "That junk is funny! "I laugh at my own jokes." Seriously, so, practice, and that's why I record it.

Of course, not just for YouTube purposes. But for my own improvement. So, practice, I guarantee you, any before you go on stage or whatever presentation you're going to do, if you practice two, three, five times, you have more confidence and lower your anxiety. If you still feel anxiety, practice a few more times. Like, until it's like you're sick and tired of it. You know what, I can do this in my sleep. You're so confident, you go up there, and you do it. Don't wing it, yes? - [Audience] Yes. - [Dan] Don't wing it, you know it. Because stage time equals? - [Dan And Audience] Wealth time - [Dan] Cherish every opportunity you get onstage. Because, you never know is what I learned. You never know who is in the audience.

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