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Note biografiche And you never know who they know. If you deliver value, and they like your message, you don't know what kind of doors it will open for you. That's what I've learned. And that's why I constantly keep delivering speeches. Because you just don't know, you just don't know. So here are some Toastmasters I recommend. If you have not participated, Toastmasters would be a good organization to get involved with. It's like $10, $20 a month or something like that. You can join a lot of different local clubs in Vancouver.

You join And then also, for those of you that want to invest a little bit of money, you go to which Warren Buffet has been through Dale Carnegie training, I've been through it, love it, awesome. So, for those of you that are a little bit more serious about that, I would recommend Their training is awesome. I think they also have as well, so they are training in Canada, as well. So those are the two programs that I recommend. Take two minutes, how long? - [Audience] Two minutes. - [Dan] Discuss the three quick fixes, how you are going to do it, how are you going to buy it. Go! - [Announcer] Ten times your finances. Ten times your business.

Ten times your marketing. Ten times your life. Hit the subscribe button now! === Hey, what's up guys? Today we're gonna tackle one of the most highly requested topics on this channel which is how to become a better public speaker. Now, this is actually perfect timing for this topic, because last month I went down to South Carolina to give a talk at a conference called "FinCon" where I talked about building a YouTube Channel, something I'm pretty passionate about, and actually this month I'll be going to Vermont in a couple of weeks to give my first paid speaking engagement.

So, speaking is becoming a larger part of my life, and while I'm not a professional speaker, I do have a lot of experience speaking in public, and I've gained a lot of insights and skills over the years through practice, and I want to help impart some of the knowledge I've been able to gain to you so you can become a better public speaker technically, and also start to calm some of the nerves and anxiety that you might get when you have to get onstage in front of a bunch of people. So to that end, I've got nine specific public speaking tips for you this week that can help you become a better speaker.

And, the first one is to pay very, very close attention to your rate of speech when you're on stage. Most inexperienced speakers tend to speak a lot more quickly than they think they're speaking, and it's because when you're onstage you have all this anxiety and you have all the material up in your head and you're just trying to get through it as quickly as possible because the number one thing you want to do is get offstage to where nobody's judging you anymore, right? But the problem is, this isn't YouTube.

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