Hermit crabs of the genus Calcinus Dana 1851 (Crustacea Decapoda Anomura Diogenidae) with a brush of setae on the third pereopods, from Japanese and adjacent waters



Eight species of hermit crabs of the genus Calcinus Dana 1851 with a
brush of setae on the third pereopods are recorded from tropical Japan and the
Mariana Islands, Micronesia. New information on color variations in C. morgani
Rahayu & Forest 1999 and C. elegans (H. Milne Edwards 1836) is reported. Color
pattern differences between Japanese and Australian representatives of C. argus
Wooster 1984 has been found. Special structures on the chelipeds of each
species are reported. The systematic positions of C. anani Poupin & McLaughlin
1998 and C. sirius Morgan 1991 are reconsidered and discussed. The taxonomic
confusion in the literature between C. morgani and C. gaimardii (H. Milne
Edwards 1848), is clarified.
KEY WORDS: hermit crabs, Calcinus, Japan, Mariana Islands, Indo-West Pacific.

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