A review of the African members of the genus Micrelaps Boettger 1880 (Serpentes Atractaspididae)



An analysis of all available material, including the types of the various
species of African Micrelaps, reveals that M. boettgeri Boulenger 1896 is a junior
synonym of M. vaillanti (Mocquard 1888). Micrelaps bicoloratus Sternfeld 1910
from Kenya is different from sympatric M. vaillanti and is considered a valid
species. Tanzanian populations of M. bicoloratus differ in colouration from the
Kenyan ones and from sympatric M. vaillanti and are accordingly considered a
new subspecies, M. b. moyeri.
KEY WORDS: Reptilia, Serpentes, Atractaspididae, Micrelaps, Africa, taxonomy,
distribution, identification key.

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