Mahunkaia n. gen. (Acari Oribatida Eremaeozetidae)from Africa



The new genus Mahunkaia n. gen. is proposed for a morphologically different
group of Eremaeozetes Berlese 1913 species. The species Mahunkaia tricornis
n. sp., found in South Africa, is described and illustrated. It is proposed to
transfer the species Eremaeozetes bituberculatus Mahunka 1983 (known from
Tanzania) and E. gracilis Mahunka 1985 (known from South Africa) to the new
genus. Supplemental descriptions and illustrations of both species are given. A
diagnostic table for the known species of Mahunkaia n. gen. is presented. The
relationship of the new genus to the genus Eremaeozetes is discussed.
KEY WORDS: Acari, Oribatida, Eremaeozetidae, Mahunkaia, new species, revision,
South Africa, Ethiopian region.

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