Prosellodrilus doumandji i n. sp.,a new lumbricid from Algeria



A new species of lumbricid earthworm, Prosellodrilus doumandjii, is
described from Birtouta (Mitidja plain, Algeria). Similarities and differences
with related taxa are discussed, and it is suggested splitting the genus Prosellodrilus
Bouché 1972 into two subgenera: the nominal one, including the species
living in southwestern France, and a new subgenus inhabiting Maghreb and Sardinia.
The name Maghrebiella is proposed for the latter new taxon. The biogeographic
connections between Maghreb earthworms and those living in central
and western Mediterranean countries are discussed.
KEY WORDS: Mitidja, Algeria, Lumbricidae, Maghreb earthworms, Prosellodrilus,
Maghrebiella new subgenus, West Mediterranean zoogeography.

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