Jumping spiders from Mkomazi Game Reserve in Tanzania (Araneae Salticidae)



Sixty-nine species are reported (two of them determined only at the generic
level and one juvenile specimen which probably belongs to a new, unknown
genus). Thirty-five species are described as new: Afrobeata magnifica n. sp., Evarcha
bihastata n. sp., E. elegans n. sp., E. similis n. sp., Habrocestum tanzanicum
n. sp., Heliophanus pygmaeus n. sp., Hyllus ramadanii n. sp., H. rotundithorax
n. sp., Kima atra n. sp., Langelurillus alboguttatus n. sp., L. difficilis n. sp., L. furcatus
n. sp., L. manifestus n. sp., Langona improcera n. sp., Lilliput minutus
n. sp., L. mkomazienzis n. sp., L. pusillus n. sp., Neaetha irreperta n. sp., Pellenes
cingulatus n. sp., P. modicus n. sp., Phintella incerta n. sp., Phlegra parvula n. sp.,
Ph. simplex n. sp., Ph. varia n. sp., Pignus lautissimum n. sp., Pseudicius eximius
n. sp., Rhene facilis n. sp., Stenaelurillus cristatus n. sp., S. darwini n. sp., S. fuscatus
n. sp., S. mirabilis n. sp., Tusitala proxima n. sp., T. unica n. sp., Xuriella
prima n. sp., Yogetor bellus n. sp. The first description of the females of Festucula
lawrencei Lessert 1933 and Phlegra nuda Próchniewicz & Heciak 1994 is provided.
Hyllus corniger Wesol´owska & van Harten 1994 is synonymized with H. dotatus
(Peckham & Peckham 1903) and placed to the genus Evarcha Simon 1902.
Three new genera are established: Lilliput n. gen., Xuriella n. gen., Yogetor n. gen.
The definition of the genus Langelurillus Próchniewicz 1994 is supplemented.
The results are discussed in relation to the diversity of salticids from different
regions of the world and within Africa and to the efficiency of different sampling
methods for Salticidae.
KEY WORDS: Araneae, Salticidae, Tanzania, faunistic review, biodiversity, new
genera, new species, synonym.

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