Interstitial fauna of the Galapagos: Typhlopolycystidinae (Platyhelminthes Polycystididae)



Three new species belonging to two new genera of Typhlopolycystidinae
Evdonin 1977 from the Galapagos are described: Myobulla myobulla n. gen. n.
sp., M. dunata n. sp. and Sabulirhynchus axi n. gen. n. sp. The general anatomy
closely resembles that of Limipolycystis Schilke 1970. However, Myobulla is characterised
by the presence of a muscular knob with four hard teeth on the bursal
stalk, while Sabulirhynchus has a pear-shaped seminal receptacle and lacks an
accessory glandular organ. The Myobulla species differ from each other in the
shape and dimensions of the stylet; S. axi has a plate-like stylet. An undescribed
species of Limipolycystis is mentioned but is not described because we lack good
material. The subfamily Typhlopolycystidinae is briefly discussed; diagnoses for
the new taxa and an emended diagnosis for the subfamily are given. Limipolycystis
swedmarki Karling 1978 is transferred to the genus Myobulla: as M. swedmarki
(Karling 1978) n. comb. The name Lagenopolycystis n. nom. is proposed to
replace Lagenorhynchus Brunet 1965, a junior synonym of Lagenorhynchus Gray
KEY WORDS: Typhlopolycystidinae, Polycystididae, Kalyptorhynchia, Galapagos,
new taxa, phylogeny.

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