Another new species of Ptychadena Boulenger 1917 from Ethiopia (Amphibia Anura Ranidae)



Ptychadena wadei n. sp. is described from grassland at moderate elevation,
south of Lake Tana in Ethiopia. The new taxon is distinguished from all NE
African congeners with comparably restricted webbing by its small size, compact
body form, the arrangement of skin folds on the back and details of colour pattern,
particularly on the hindlimbs. It remains unknown whether P. wadei is a
montane endemic, with a type locality perhaps near the lower limit of its altitudinal
range, or a more widespread savanna form that has succeeded in penetrating
the foothills of the Ethiopian plateau. Lake Tana and the surrounding mountains
are a part of the country much in need of further herpetological study.
KEY WORDS: Amphibia, Anura, Ranidae, Ptychadena, new species, Ethiopia.

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