Vol 20, No 1 (2007)

Gennaio 2007

Table of Contents


A new species of the Chamaeleo dilepis group (Sauria Chamaeleonidae) from West Africa PDF
K. Ullenbruch, P. Krause, W. Böhme 1-17
Remarkable records of amphibians and reptiles on Madagascar’s central high plateau PDF
F. Andreone, F. Glaw, J. E. Randrianirina, M. Vences 19-39
The anoline “lost link” rediscovered: variation and distribution of Anolis annectens Williams 1974 (Squamata Polychrotidae) PDF
A. Mijares-Urrutia, E. La Marca, K. E. Nicholson, L. F. Esqueda, T. R. Barros 41-53
Structure of bat guano communities in a dry Brazilian cave PDF
R. L. Ferreira, R. P. Martins, X. Prous 55-74
Ultrastructure of the venom gland of the Andean Red-tailed Coral Snake Micrurus mipartitus decussatus (Duméril, Bibron & Duméril 1854) (Squamata Serpentes Elapidae) PDF
F. Giachi, G. Delfino, G. J. Parra, R. Angel 75-89
Odontelytron uniclavatum, new genus and species of Trachelizinae from Madagascar (Coleoptera Brentidae) PDF
A. Mantilleri, A. Sforzi 91-97
A survey of the leaf-litter frog assembly from an Atlantic forest area (Reserva Ecológica de Guapiaçu) in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil, with an estimate of frog densities PDF
C. C. Siqueira, C. F. D. Rocha, C. G. A. Fernandes, D. Vrcibradic, E. C. N. Rubião, M. Almeida-Gomes, M. Van Sluys, M. C. Kiefer, P. Almeida-Santos, P. Goyannes-Araújo, P. C. F. Carneiro, R. V. Marra, V. N. T. Borges-Junior 99-108
Allometric growth in Anacroneuria Klapálek 1909 nymphs (Plecoptera Perlidae) PDF
G. Malacarne, S. Fenoglio,, T. Bo 109-114
Book News PDF

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