Vol 20, No 2 (2007)

Dicembre 2007

Table of Contents


Aquatic zebras? The tadpoles of the Madagascan treefrog Boophis schuboeae Glaw & Vences 2002 compared to those of B. ankaratra Andreone 1993 PDF
J. Glos, M. Teschke, M. Vences 125-133
New species and new records of ptyctimous mites (Acari Oribatida) from Ecuador PDF
W. Niedbała, J. Illig 135-150
Herpetofaunal assemblages on seven offshore islands of northwestern Madagascar PDF
C. J. E. Metcalf, K. Hampson, A. Gray, R. Andrianirina 151-161
Patterns of interspecific and intraspecific microhabitat segregation of two rodents Praomys jacksoni (De Winton 1897) and Hylomyscus stella (Thomas 1911) (Rodentia) in an African rainforest subjected to various levels of anthropogenic di PDF
A. Mortelliti, L. Boitani 163-186
Reproduction of the spotted-winged fruit bat Balionycteris maculata (Thomas 1893) in Brunei, Borneo (Megachiroptera Pteropodidae) PDF
C. P. Kofron 187-195
Characterisation of a West African Myrmeleontinae assemblage (Neuroptera Myrmeleontidae): first evidence of a relationship between adult occurrences and climatic conditions PDF
B. Michel, P. Letourmy 197-209
A previously unreported association between a social wasp and a social passerine bird PDF
M. A. Bologna, P. Bombi, M. Pitzalis, S. Turillazzi 211-214
A new green treefrog, genus Boophis Tschudi 1838 (Anura Mantellidae), from arid western Madagascar: phylogenetic relationships and biogeographic implications PDF
J. Köhler, F. Glaw, M. Vences 215-227
Annotations on freshwater planarians (Platyhelminthes Tricladida Dugesiidae) from the Afrotropical Region PDF
R. Sluys 229-257


Book news PDF

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