Vol 21, No 1 (2008)

Aprile - Maggio 2008

Table of Contents


Description of a new species of ptyctimous mites (Acari Oribatida) from Ethiopia and a checklist of ptyctimous mites of the Afrotropical Region PDF
Wojciech NiedbaƂa 1-9
Diurnal squirrels (Mammalia Rodentia Sciuridae) in Lao PDR: distribution, status and conservation PDF
R.J. Timmins, J.W. Duckworth 11-56
Adaptation of the Indice Biotico Esteso (IBE) for water quality assessment in rivers of Serra do Mar, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil PDF
R. Mugnai, R.B. Oliveira, A. do Lago Carvalho, D.F. Baptista 57-74
Poronotic oribatids from Kenya (Acari Oribatida) PDF
S. Mahunka, L. Mahunka-Papp 75-90
Observations on the biology of Anchieta fumosella (Westwood 1867) (Neuroptera Mantispidae) from Brazil PDF
Sandor Christiano Buys 91-95
Size dependent occurrence of different types of web decorations and a barrier web in the tropical spider Argiope argentata (Fabricius 1775) (Araneae Araneidae) PDF
Gabriele Uhl 97-108
Year-round spermatogenic activity in an oviparous subterranean caecilian, Boulengerula taitanus Loveridge 1935 (Amphibia Gymnophiona Caeciliidae) PDF
G.J. Measey, M. Smita, R.S. Beyo, O.V. Oommen 109-122
Streptaxid microcosm: the radiation of the endemic genus Pseudelma Kobelt 1904 (Gastropoda Pulmonata Streptaxidae) on Mayotte, Comores PDF
A. Abdou, I.V. Muratov, P. Bouchet 123-151
Two new species from Kenya in the physogastric termitophilous genus Termitoderus Mateu 1966 (Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Aphodiinae) PDF
Jan Krikken 153-162
Book news PDF

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