Vol 22, No 2 (2009)

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A revision of Lycodon ruhstrati (Fischer 1886) auctorum (Squamata Colubridae), with the description of a new species from Thailand and a new subspecies from the Asian mainland PDF
G. Vogel, P. David, O.S.G. Pauwels, M. Sumontha, G. Norval, R. Hendrix, N.T. Vu, T. Ziegler 131-182
The dentition of the Neotropical lizard genus Teius Merrem 1820 (Squamata Teiidae) PDF
S. Brizuela, A.M. Albino 183-193
Chemical communication in competitive interactions among tropical stream detritivores PDF
K. Allan, L. Boyero, R.G. Pearson 195-204
Human Footprint, facilitated jump dispersal, and the potential distribution of the invasive Eleutherodactylus johnstonei Barbour 1914 (Anura Eleutherodactylidae) PDF
Dennis Rödder 205-217
Studies of Tiger Beetles. CLXXXII. Collecting notes from Sarawak, Malaysia, with description of a new species of Cylindera of the subgenus Leptinomera (Coleoptera Cicindelidae) PDF
Fabio Cassola 219-235
A case of viviparity in a tropical non-parasitizing earwig (Dermaptera Spongiphoridae) PDF
Petr Kočárek 237-241
Redescription of Parapharyngodon micipsae (Seurat 1917) (Nematoda Pharyngodonidae) from the new host Tarentola parvicarinata Joger 1980 (Squamata Gekkonidae) PDF
Š. Mašová, V. Baruš, I. Hodová, P. Koubek 243-255
Book news PDF

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